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How do you decide where to stay in Paris?

personal paris let's Plan how do you decide where to stay in paris

Location is everything!

Paris is a mosaic made up of many neighborhoods, ancient villages, landmarks, new trendy districts and each one has its own charm character.

If you’re a first time visitor, you want to be centrally located, close to the transportation, in a neighborhood that has charm, restaurants, cafés and postcard views.

Therefore, if you have already been to Paris, maybe you’d like to explore a different neighborhood, or maybe you loved the first place you stayed and want to return.

Where will you stay in Paris?

Depending on the neighborhood you choose you’ll discover a different face of Paris. And whether you love art, fashion, food, nightlife, trendy or traditional, you will be able to find the best one. And of course you will need to have some peaceful moments in between site seeing or shopping, so the choice of your hotel or apartment and its location will be very important. 

So let’s go back to where to stay in Paris. I can advise you on the best neighborhood. The feel of each one may be slightly different. They all have accommodation options, landmarks, restaurants and shops.

We will discuss which one sounds best for your trip taking into consideration the current situation.   

I create precious, memorable moments for you to enjoy!