As the founder of Personal Paris, my work is to create custom made experiences and visits for people on vacation, however, that is obviously not happening right now…

Paris went on lockdown March 16th and my life changed dramatically. So, to cope with the long days inside, I decided to share my experience and tips with you. It’s been 3 weeks…

Love you from afar

Working from home is not new to me as part of my work is online. Nevertheless, confinement is a challenge I would never have dreamt of!

I usually wander the streets of Paris every day with my clients. Although it’s now the Spring season, all the beautiful gardens of Paris are closed and I am stuck inside. 

Keep dreaming

Nobody knows yet when we will be able to travel again. Nevertheless, I want to offer all lovers of Paris the possibility to keep dreaming, no matter what. 

Can you imagine how ecstatic you will be when you will board your next flight to Paris?

You are not alone

After all, half of the planet is now under lockdown. We all have to stay at home and deal with a reality we have not chosen.

One of the hardest part of this situation is not being able to physically be with the ones you love and you wonder when you are going to be able to hug them.

Take control

Plan your time! Mix work with physical activities and regular meals. Do it on a schedule basis. Take control of what you can control inside your home.

You will feel better if you stop fighting the outside world. If one can’t do anything to change the situation, well then just accept it and adapt!  

Self-discipline is key

It is not easy I know. You are all dealing with a lot and each situation is different and complicated. I can only tell you some about my every day routine and how it works for me, hoping it will help you.  

Every morning I get up early and go out for a walk around the block when the streets are still empty. In France, we are allowed to go out once a day to get some exercise, alone. 

So, I make the most of it by walking up and down the beautiful cobbled stone streets in my area (the 15th arrondissement), admiring the blossoming window boxes and gardens from afar.

I usually take pictures of Paris every day. Now that I cannot go to the Marais, Montmartre or the river, I photograph my area. You must adapt to this new situation, right?

On my way back home, I buy fresh fruits and vegetables. I cook healthy meals in order to stay fit. Preparing something you enjoy like a “salade niçoise” will keep you busy and happy.

Since the lockdown, I have been trying to growing plants from seeds and cuttings. There’s something very satisfying about growing your own plants at home from scratch.

Before going out, I always apply some make up and dress up carefully, my way to feel a little bit better. It’s okay if you don’t but don’t let go of yourself!

I treat myself once every day. It can be a long, hot, scented bath, a foot massage, a manicure, a shampoo or a mask. Anything to make you feel better and to relax is good.

I do some Pilates and stretching at home. It helps me catch my breath, relax and forget about the situation for a moment. Even if it’s not usually something you’d do, a bit of exercise will help you.

Last but not least, I stay away from the news as much as possible catching up only twice a day. Instead, I call my friends and family to make sure everyone is OK.

Don’t compare yourself to others 

On social medias all your friends are cleaning their houses, exercising and cooking healthy meals… well, remember that you are not any less and find your own path. 

Everyone copes differently with the lockdown and it’s okay to be yourself.

In the rush to return to normal, Use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to.

– Dave Hollis

Photos credit: Do It In Paris