You have bought your plane tickets and now your mind is set on the City of Light, listing all the things you want to see and do. The good news is that Paris will be buzzing with the best exhibitions and popular festivals this fall. On this page, let’s concentrate on exhibitions.

What’s on?

A lot! This is only a tiny selection. No one can do it all but you can make the most of it!

 First on my list,  LEONARDO DA VINCI (Louvre) Oct 24-Feb 24, 2020    The reservations are open and it is not too soon to book your tickets for what is going to be the event of the season! This unique group of artworks could only be brought together by the Louvre. As many as possible paintings now attributed to Leonardo will be presented with the latest research findings and key documents. 

Photos credit Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Grand Palais and Musée de Montmartre

Then there will be  DEGAS AT THE OPERA  (Musée d’Orsay) Sept 24-Jan 19, 2020 This major exhibition will be focusing on his passionate relationship with the Opera house. Above all, it was his main source of inspiration and visual experimentations.

Countless exhibitions have explored the connections in the works of Toulouse-Lautrec to «Montmartre culture». This major retrospective TOULOUSE-LAUTREC (Grand Palais) Oct 9–Jan 27, 2020 will examine all aspects of his work including photography.

Discover EL GRECO (Grand Palais) Oct 16-Feb 10, 2020. The artist was acknowledged and embraced by the 20th century avant-garde, he enjoyed the dual prestige of tradition and modernity, linking Titian to the Fauvists and Mannerism to Cubism, Expressionism, Abstraction up to the Action painting.

Don’t forget that no visit to Montmartre is complete without discovering the Musée de Montmartre. It is certainly one of Paris’ most charming museum’s! This fall exhibition, LA BELLE EPOQUE, passionately Oct 11-Jan 19 2020 will focus on the avant-garde artists who lived and worked in Montmartre. 

Photos credit Personal Paris, L’Atelier des Lumières & La Conciergerie

MARIE-ANTOINETTE, METAMORPHOSES OF AN IMAGE (Conciergerie) Oct 16–Jan 26, 2020  will illustrate her many representations with archives, interviews and fashion accessories. It will shine a light on the iconic queen through both a historic approach and a critical and comparative examination of forms.

Last but not least, VAN GOGH, STARRY NIGHT (Atelier des Lumières) until Dec 31  It will take you on a journey into his greatest masterpieces! A magical immersive digital exhibition, ideal on a rainy day!

In addition, I want to highlight 2 very interesting exhibitions (one on shoes, one on the backside). They focus not only on fashion but also on its sociological and historical aspects for women.

MARCHE ET DEMARCHE, UNE HISTOIRE DE LA CHAUSSURE (Musée des Arts Décoratifs) Nov 7-Feb 23 2020. Everything you want to know about shoes! The study of a shoe worn by Marie-Antoinette in 1792 has been the starting point of this exhibition. How could she wear such a small shoe? The exhibition will tell you a global story of shoes through centuries and continents!  

BACK ON FASHION  (Musée Bourdelle) until November 17 An off-site exhibition of the Musée Galliera focusing on the back in fashion from the majestic train of a court gown to the sensuality of a plunging backline. It presents over a hundred items from the 18th century up to the present day.  All in Bourdelle’s Art Deco studio.


  • If you plan on visiting the Louvre, buy your tickets and plan  well in advance  
  • Just make sure that you check the opening times of an attraction before you visit! Many places close at earlier hours starting October 27 (Daylight Saving Time – winter time).

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