There’s no better season to visit the Chateau de Versailles  than during the Autumn, away from the crowds.

If it gets too chilly to enjoy the outdoors, then there are more than enough things to see and do inside the breathtaking palace including a hot chocolate at Angelina’s!

Mix culture and pleasure like the Kings and Queens did!

I will set up a completely unique and customized visit of France’s legendary pleasure palace based on your choices and budget.  

You will even have time for shopping and a wonderful lunch experience.

Discover the Palace history (from 1682 up until the French Revolution) and some of its secrets (extravagant love stories and lavish entertainments). 

With the opulent Hall of Mirrors as a highlight, Versailles is even more beautiful at sunset with its meticulously trimmed trees, white marble statues, fountains and Grand Canal, all considered the epitome of perfection.

The Queen’s bed chamber (Marie-Antoinette was the last queen of France) has reopened last year after 3 years renovation and is absolutely magnificent. So is the King’s bed chamber!

The garden groves are an extremely important part of Versailles (they were designed with great care as a green extension of the Palace itself), they are full of statues and incredible fountains. 

personal paris custom made visits versailles

Versailles is 12 miles outside of Paris so you might need a full day if you want to visit also Marie-Antoinette’s Petit Trianon and the farm where she played at being a shepherdess. 

personal paris custom made visits versailles

Her magnificent farm house “la Maison de la Reine” has been renovated thanks to Dior patronage. It is totally worth a visit and this is where you will need me. Due to the size of the house and the success of its reopening, you will have to plan long in advance!

Versailles is unique and will enchant you!


“A truly wonderful day! I’d highly recommend Nicole and her tour. I had a wonderful day at Versailles. Nicole was a fantastic guide. She was fun but professional, very easy to get along with, and had a wealth of interesting knowledge to share. She even treated us to wine and cheese for lunch. Thanks so much Nicole”

Melanie Fieseler  

– Berlin –

I create precious, memorable moments for you to enjoy!

Photo credit Château de Versailles, Secrets d’Histoire and Personal Paris