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Personal Paris custom made visits paris flea market

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Bring a piece of France home with you!


From movie stars to vintage lovers, they all visit the flea market when they come to Paris, so will you! 

I will bring you to Saint Ouen, the biggest and oldest flea market in the world, a real goldmine for home decor, antiques, photography, vintage clothes, authentic luxury bags & accessories, books etc…

 The flea market is a world unto itself with 15 sub markets, indoor and out, upstairs and down, in alleys, passages, shops, and warehouses. All these markets are fabulous and have loads of atmosphere. 

On our way I will tell you all about its history, its secrets and how to negotiate the best prices. You can also have a wonderful food experience in a trendy destination or more traditional restaurants with live music. 

Last but not least, I will show you where Lupin and Midnight in Paris scenes were filmed. The flea market is legendary!

I have been organizing private shopping tours at the flea market for many years. I know the vendors and the shippers. Join me for a fab day!

Photos credit: Personal Paris Copyright © 2019


“Getting to see the famous flea markets of Paris was a highlight of our trip! It’s a very large and overwhelming location, but it was really helpful to have Nicole guide us through our first time there. We got to see amazing art, furniture, design and lighting items, and fantastic clothes & accessories. Those areas were the highlights for us, but in order to get a real perspective of all the markets have to offer, it’s helpful to see it all on your first trip. Nicole took us to every section, including vintage video games, jewelry, shoes, music, fabrics, street wear, pottery/glass/home items, bric-o-brac. A few hours isn’t enough time to see it all! But Nicole has a really good understanding of the markets; she’s knowledgeable and passionate about fashion and design and French culture, and took us to many places and introduced us to vendors we wouldn’t have discovered on our own!Lisa and Shoe Schuster – Los Angeles – January 2020

personal paris custom made visitsparis flea market

Photos credit: Personal Paris Copyright © 2019

“I loved my day with Nicole! First of all, she’s incredibly knowledgeable about the market, the different vendors, fashion, style, art and even furniture. As a true Parisian and native French person, she was brilliant at negotiations and discussions with the various shop owners. We visited Hermes, and shopped for vintage Bakelite jewelry. We enjoyed a cafe and then wandered around the high end and low end merchandise. When I mentioned to Nicole that I love vintage fashion, she immediately took me to the most fabulous vintage clothing shop imaginable. Wow. And then, she whisked me away to a wonderful and very authentic French bistro where the guest singers entertained us with classic French songs, and of course, Edith Piaf. The entire experience was beyond my expectations. Absolutely parfait and highly recommended!” Jamie Cat Callan – New-York – September 2018 / Author of Parisian Charm School 

personal paris custom made visits paris flea market

Photos credit: Personal Paris Copyright © 2019

“The two of us were utterly enchanted by the wonderful day that we were given by Nicole Bergeaud! She was wonderfully attentive to our interests and remarkably knowledgable about the amazing Paris flea market. We have already started telling our friends that the MUST take the flea market tour when they have the opportunity to visit Paris. The experience was sensational

Reg Crowded – Brittany, France – October 2018  

“If you think you may not need a guide for this flea market, think again. The size and scope of the market means that you will burn all of your time and miss great things. We are frequent travelers to Paris and found Nicole to be extremely knowledgeable, relaxed (no rushing), and willing to help you search, bargain, or whatever you need. She also gave us great tips for other great activities in Paris. Highly recommended!”

Keith & Melody – Accra, Ghana – December 2018

“This was one of the best days ever for me! Nichole and I had discussed my interests prior to going on this excursion and she delivered in every possible way. The sheer size of the Paris flea market is daunting without assistance and she more than covered her fee by negotiating with the sellers! Highly recommended!

Judith Bodnar – Albany, NY – February 2019

“Nicole made negotiating a very spread out Flea Market easy. I am a hard core shopper, and have been many times alone, but you need a professional to keep you on the trail and help with the language. I accomplished my goals in a short time, and we had time for a wonderful lunch. Wonderful experience!”

Frankie Arciuolo – Palm Springs, California – March 2019

I had a great experience with Nicole at the s Flea Market. She has an infectious enthusiasm about the market and Paris. Also, she knows the best places to go. I found some treasures and had a great time. The flea market is so vast, I was glad to have her expertise, not only in finding what I was looking for but also with her help in bargaining with the dealers. If you’re thinking about visiting Les Puces, I highly recommend this experience.

Monica – Texas – May 2019

“Nicole was so helpful to us while negotiating the enormous flea market. She really tailored the day to our interests and taste. We could not have done it without her expertise, especially since we didn’t speak French. It was a wonderful experience!”

Lisa Yang – Cincinatti, Ohio – March 2019

Photos credit: Personal Paris Copyright © 2019

We saw some magnificent collections for furniture, jewellery and fashion stores which are used to work with movie companies and many public figures. Nicole introduced me to a renowned and passionate Chanel collector. Her mantra was “Create your own style!”. Some of the shop owners even brought their pets too and we could converse about life, family, pets and the items I might be interested. Nicole assisted me well with sound advises. Never push or direct me to buy. Helped me to negotiate nicely. She never acted like a broker, but more like a true friend and professional stylist. Client focus instead of sales focus. When a piece did not look good, she would say so. When I needed to decide the best piece to pick, she did not direct me to the expensive piece but more on showing me the best fit. When I was not sure, she assured me to take time and think it to come back later. She understood and helped me wisely with my budget. She was superb and I would get lost if I had come without her.”

Jenti Martono – Jakarta, Indonesia – June 2018 

“What a treat having a knowledgeable Parisian guide for a day! Nicole generously shared her expertise as we navigated the fascinating maze of flea market stalls, adding far greater meaning to the experience than I could encounter on my English speaking own”

Tanya Roets – Cape Town, South Africa – June 2017


I like both flea markets but they are very different. Situated south of Paris, Vanves opens only Saturday and Sunday mornings and is more hit or miss. Much smaller, there are temporary vendors selling from tables set up along the street.

Saint Ouen is situated north, exactly at the opposite side of Paris, and is mostly geared towards decorators and high income collectors. It opens Saturday and Sunday all day, with permanent merchants grouped in 15 markets, most of them covered, some in open air. 

I create precious, memorable moments for you to enjoy!