Paris 101 itinerary

Personal Paris custom made visits 101 itinerary

Design your day!

Anyone’s first time in Paris should be a special experience. Whether it’s 1 day, 2 days or a week, I will plan your days and design your itinerary depending on your budget and what you decide to do and see.

Trying to write a must-see list for your stay is rather overwhelming. I will help you so that you won’t miss the essentials and won’t lose time trying to figure out distances, opening hours, schedules, etc…  

I will give you the keys to the City of Lights, the best insights, tips and recommendations from a local so you have the best experiences : dining, exploring and shopping.

This service is a crash course, perfect for first time visitors!


Here is an example to get you thinking of what a dream day in Paris could be:

9:00 am

Breakfast at an authentic Paris café.

10:00 am

Take the quickest route to the hot exhibition of the season or a scenic route on foot.

10:30 am

Cut the line of the museum with tickets I bought for you.

1:00 pm

Lunch at a Michelin starred restaurant near the museum. 

3:00 pm

Shopping! Whether you are a vintage lover or a passionate cook, I will map out a treasure hunt for you!

6:00 pm

Catch your breath…  enjoy a cocktail!

8:00 pm

Dinner with a view at a restaurant I will recommend to you, watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle!

10:00 pm

Fall into bed!

I create precious, memorable moments for you to enjoy!