Notre Dame de Paris

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It’s official: Notre-Dame should reopen in April 2024

Meanwhile, I will tell you everything about the cathedral rebirth

I will take you as close as possible so that you can observe the cathedral and take photos from different spots. I adjust daily to the shifting access of the renovation site and the security requirements. 

On our way I will tell you all about Notre-Dame de Paris long history and unique Gothic architecture. The cathedral remains the beating heart of the city, a cherished and reassuring guidepost. 

I will update you on the fire and all that was miraculously saved (a lot in fact… ). This is your chance to have all your questions answered and to pay tribute to Notre Dame de Paris!


Notre-Dame unites people from all over the world, even those who have never physically stepped inside or even been to Paris. It is because of centuries of myth-making and storytelling in literature, religious texts, art and more recently, in movies, musicals and video games.

That sense of familiarity carries tremendous emotional power and reach. As a symbol the cathedral extends far beyond any religious practice. Notre-Dame is an emblem, she is the history of people who built her and crafted carefully every detail by hand. She is the old world colliding with the new, and a reminder of our own human greatness. 

I create precious, memorable moments for you to enjoy!