Custom-made visits

Each visit is unique and tailored to your budget, your lifestyle and any special needs. I know your time in Paris is both limited and valuable, so I want to make every minute really count. you’ll have access to inside knowledge of the city. I will open doors and unveil secrets for you. 

You can also combine several visits. 

personal paris custom made visits

Paris 101 itinerary

This is your first trip to Paris. You need a schedule and an itinerary that will maximize the essentials and make the most of your time!

Notre-Dame de Paris

You have seen the fire and don’t know what to expect. I will take you as close as possible of the cathedral, not inside for obvious reasons, but close enough…

Paris Wishlist

You have a list of all the things you want to do in Paris but don’t know where to start? Describe your dream trip to me and it will become reality!

Paris flea market

Itching to go antiques-hunting in Paris but don’t know how and lack the confidence to buy? I will accompany you and even negociate for you!


The teenage queen was embraced by France in 1770. Twenty three years later, at the age of 37, she lost her head to the guillotine. But why the shocking fall from grace?


One hour outside of Paris the Palace and gardens of Versailles are the crown jewel of France and inspired royal residences all over the world!


Come with me off the beaten path and discover what really made Montmartre so famous all over the world, and some of its many secrets… 

personal paris custom made visits

Paris and beyond

Scenic vineyards, rural villages, romantic  chateaux, local cuisine and wine, islands, spectacular beaches, beautiful mountains, France has it all!